Orientation at Konkuk

Amy and I arrived in one piece after a 14 hour plane ride. We were housed at the KUL house dormitories at the Konkuk university in the heart of Seoul. I was marched off to the men’s dorm and Amy got to go to the women’s dorm. We had eight days of classes and workshops.

The food was interesting. At breakfast, there was always a Korean option and a “Western” option. The Korean one consisted of rice, soup, and three side dishes, Kimchi always being one of them. The “Western” option contained a random assortment of almost western food. We had triple decker egg salad and jelly sandwiches; we had hotdogs with coleslaw or hamburgers for breakfast. These were all presented for breakfast. Lunch and dinner was at a different cafeteria so we had a different assortment of foods there.

The campus was nice and the staff was generally great.

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