Walking about Hapcheon’s Hill

Amy and I walked up a hill in Hapcheon. Hapcheon is on a river that is so deep you could walk across it. There is a foot bridge for those who don’t want to get their feet wet. We took the bridge across and found a trail going up. It went up and up and up. Amy wasn’t feeling that well so we didn’t make it to the top that day.

Hapcheon is very live able. There are food markets on every street corner. We needed ID photos taken and we got them done in Hapcheon. Of course, they photoshop your face so you look better than in real life. There is a Bowling Alley. There are more restaurants than we could possibly eat at in a year. If we feel sick, the hospital  is around the corner from us and there are more pharmacies than you can shack a stick at. We tell people we live by a pharmacy, and they always ask which one. The bus station is two blocks from us. It is a good sized station so we can hop a bus to just about anywhere in the province, and the buses leave frequently. The buses are cheap and pretty effective means of transportation. Just remember to hold on to your bags and your lunch. The roads wind so much and the drivers drive so fast; you might feel queasy.

Here are some pictures from our walk.

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