We have been keeping busy here in Hapcheon. Our computer died in October so we were without update abilities then. November was a blur, and so was December. The weather is warmish during the day and cold at night. It snowed for 30 minutes two weeks ago but nothing stuck to the ground. The schools are cold. Koreans don’t heat buildings; they heat rooms. This means that all the hallways and bathrooms are cold. Even some of the rooms are cold. Mike has a classroom that is 49 degrees when he starts the day and it slowly heats up from there. Christmas is not that big of a holiday here. It was kind of nice not looking at Christmas decorations for the months of October and November, like you would in the US. Stores finally have some decorations up closer to the holiday. The bakery where we get our bread from has a Christmas tree out front. The park has a small lights display up for the holiday. Mexican food has been on our minds lately. Via the internet, we found a restaurant, La Cantina, in Daegu(which is an hour bus ride). We went yesterday. Even though Mike looked up the directions to the place, he didn’t think we would find it because it is well off the beaten path. After a 40 minute subway ride and a 10 minute taxi ride, we arrived in the neighborhood. We walked around for another 20 minutes. To Mike’s surprise, we found it while visions of tacos danced in our heads. As we walked up to the door, there was a sign stating that it was closed until further notice – kind of anticlimactic. So we ate at a pizza restaurant where the dough was made out of rice flour. We added a bunch of photos that have been sitting in our camera for the last two months. Enjoy!


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