Around Christmas


So we made it to Christmas! The weather is colder. There still hasn’t been any snow that has stuck to the ground. Christmas wasn’t a big holiday here. It was just another day off for the people. There were construction crews out digging up streets. Most of the businesses were still open. With only 25% of the people being some form of Christian, it was not really celebrated. The students knew about Christmas. One student said that his father was Santa Claus. It was just some time off. Next week is the start of the English camp down in Changwon. Since it is on the coast, I figure it should be nice and warm. Amy will be staying at the Hotel Amour/Amoure/Amore, spelled three different ways. In Korean it was only spelled one way: 아머례. It doesn’t sound too bad, and it is just 40000₩. Let’s go to Changwon!!! Here’s some pictures of Christmas in Hapcheon.


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