Last days at the girls middle school



How time flies by so quickly when you are busy. So much has happened in the last several months. Mike decided to renew his contract with his schools while I decided teaching English to Middle Schoolers just isn’t for me. I will be staying at home catching up on some well deserved relaxation. My last few days at the Girls Middle School were great. I got a chance to watch them practice an English pop song for their end of semester bash. We visited family and friends in the United States for just over a week. It was a quick visit and then back to Korea for the start of the new semester. Mike got the first week off of school for quarantine (swine flu). He was not the only one. Many of the teachers here were told to stay home for a week after they returned from their vacation outside of Korea. It made it much easier for us to move to our new apartment. We were told a few days before we returned to Korea that we needed to vacate our old apartment. Because I am no longer teaching, they needed the apartment for another teacher. That’s it for now.

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