Ori and Hunje

We have had 2 new additions to our family. Ori and Hunje. Now, the names we gave them have a story themselves. When in Korea we loved going out to eat for smoked duck. It was cheap and delicious. Well the Korean name for smoked duck is Ori Hunje. 


Hunje was the first to join our family. Late one evening when Mike and I were coming home, a small black kitten stood outside our apartment building door wanting to be let in. When we opened our apartment door he walked right in and started exploring. We left our apartment door open just incase he wanted to leave but after about an hour he wasn’t making a move for the door, so we locked up and called him ours. Hunje does have some problems, while outside, at some point he may have fallenor injured his hind legs. So it is a good thing that he found a home with us. He has learned to compensate for this. For one thing he has very strong neck muscles. He pulls himself up onto the top of the cat tower. He se

emed happy, until the evening, when he would let out this loud Chewbacca noise that sounded so sad. We think he was trying to call to the other cats outside. Needless to say, with him Chewbaccaing half the night it made it very difficult for us to sleep, and made us sad. So we went in search of a friend for him. It just so happened that another family living in Al Ain also had a kitten walk into their home and decided to stay. We got their name from the animal welfare society of Al Ain and went over to see the kitten right away. He had big eyes and ears. For a while we wondered if he was every going to grow into them. We thought we were going to just go look at the cat and then fill out paperwork to adopt him, but when we got there they told us that we could just take him right away if we wanted. So we did. We got a paper bag and some processed cheese for him to munch on during the ride. 


For the first few weeks we weren’t sure if they would get along. Ori seemed so afraid of Hunje. Hunje however, was so excited. He wanted to play and run. We could see a definite difference in his behavior. Once Ori started growing things began looking up. Now they are trying to decide who is the top cat. We’ll see who wins the battle.



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