Meet Felix

On April 20,2012, Felix Oskar burst into the world. Amy was at home for most of the labor. Around 4pm, she had the “I should be going to the hospital soon” look. I made a quick dinner for us, fed and watered the cats, and packed the car. Amy poked at her food and gave up on it. We loaded her in the car and went to the hospital.

When we arrived, we got a parking spot right by the door(parking is usually terrible at Oasis Hospital). We walked in and the staff calmly greeted us. They even had us sit and wait a bit. After a minute, Amy was taken to be initially evaluated. To everyone’s surprise, she was 9cm dilated. They then had us go straight to the delivery room. The last centimeter took about an hour. This was the most uncomfortable for Amy but she was quite the trooper.

Finally she was ready. In another short hour, Felix popped out.  I checked us into the hospital as Amy started her two hour observation. We got to stay there for two days. The room was nice and the staff was very friendly and helpful. We even entertained some visitors.


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