Two month vaccinations are no fun

I have less to do at school, but it seems like we have more to do around the house. Felix went and had his two month vaccinations. He was ok at the hospital and for most of the afternoon, but he was feeling miserable by the evening. No fun for baby equals no fun for people around the baby. The nurses had a knowing look in their eyes as we left the room. They knew about the ticking time bomb they had just placed in our hands.

He is starting to out grow the 0-3 month clothes that we have for him. At his two month check up he was 58 cm long and 4.7 kg. This put in the 50th percentile for both his weight and height. He is a very active baby. Here are some pictures of Felix getting older.


3 thoughts on “Two month vaccinations are no fun

  1. hi amy i love it that the first picture i see is your husband holding feliix every time i come to this site. it’s such a touching moment for you all and hugs,aunt geni

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