Look at me. I’m sitting!

It is hard to believe how fast the months go by when you have a baby. Life has been one none stop adventure after another around here. Felix is growing fast. He has decided that it is time to sit up and loves every minute of it. He still gets upset at us when we put him on his belly. He looks at us as if he is saying “This is a cruel joke you are playing on me. When you put me on my belly I can’t move.” He really enjoys sitting up and is becoming more confident. He is starting to lean forward and is almost on his hands and knees. We are preparing the apartment for his crawling adventures. He is also showing an interest in anything that we have in our hands. We have to be very attentive. He is on his way to trying some solid foods. The faces he gives us range from “What is this crap?” to “What is the crap? Give me more please.” 

Here are some photos of our 5 month old Felix.


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