Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving – a time to remember how thankful we are that the Native Americans magically disappeared from the North American continent. We had our own Thanksgiving feast with all the traditional foods one would expect. We had a turkey breast stir fry, potato pancakes with apple sauce, and Ocean Spray Cranberry sauce from the traditional can. We don’t know where the turkey came from, but the potatoes were from Saudia Arabia, the apples were from New Zealand, Chinese cabbage was from Holland, frozen veggies were from Europe(packed in Belgium and the UK), cooking oil was from Jordan(from a coworker’s olive farm), cranberry sauce was, to quote the can, from North America. It was quite the international meal. Felix likes my stir fries so he thought it was grand. Also, he was very happy with the cranberry sauce.

Felix has started to be more mobile. His range is a couple of feet in any direction. He still wants to walk before he crawls, but he is enjoying his newly discovered freedom. 

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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