ROK Espresso – The Movie

Here is my new espresso machine. I bought a truly portable espresso machine over the summer.  It is a manual machine. I can take it anywhere and enjoy espresso. It came with a milk frother. I added a tamper and a grinder to the package. I need a tea kettle to heat the water. I have a grinder to grind the coffee beans. I have me to run the machine – espresso on the go!

Watch me make an espresso from start to finish using the machine.

Here are the steps needed to make a manual espresso.

1 ) Choose your bean.

I currently have a Kenyan bean out of the bulk coffee bin from a chain supermarket.

2) Weigh out the beans.

I usually use 12-14 grams of coffee for a double shot depending how much caffeine I want. In the video, I measure out 12 grams of coffee.

3) Start heating the water

4) Grind the beans

While the water heats, grind the beans. It took a while to find a couple of tries to zero in on the coarseness. Sometimes, I have a little helper help with the grind.

5) Fill the portafilter and tamp.

15 kg is a lot of tamping pressure so go crazy and try it with a scale to see for yourself.

6) Attach the portafilter to the machine.

7) Measure the water in the top of the machine.

I filled the water cup(?!?) up to halfway up the clear plastic part.

8) Raise the ROK arms and push them back down

I raised them all the way up in the video and pushed them all the way down and held them as the water went through the grounds. I did it twice in the video because I thought I could squeeze a bit more out of the puck.

9) Put an empty cup under the portafilter to express the excess water.

10) Enjoy your cup of espresso.

2 thoughts on “ROK Espresso – The Movie

  1. cool, liked the other 2 birthday videos also, the 2 little girls trying to dance with that guy were very cute.
    love and hugs
    aunt geni

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