Christmas 2015 – Almaty Edition

Felix woke at 5:40 AM ready to get up. I advised him to wait for Quora. He took my advice and Quora woke up 20 minutes later with Amy. We made our way downstairs to find that the plate of cookies and veggies had been eaten. We immediately proceeded into the living room to see the presents and stockings under the tree. Felix and Quora had a good time opening the presents to discover their loot. Santa had been good to them.

One thought on “Christmas 2015 – Almaty Edition

  1. thank you so much for sharing your Christmas! wow that tree!!!!! maybe next year I can take a painting down and put up one like that!!! it looks like it’s made of felt? much love and hugs, and may the new year bring more joy than you need.

    aunt geni

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