2 thoughts on “Felix’s Birthday 2018

  1. thanks amy !! I need all the cheering up I can get!! your kids are beautiful and what I can see from pictures you and hubby are raising them well. I really love all of the things you do. I don’t know if you remember caryn olcik, she is now living with me again, she is suffering from dementia. well….. deep subject. lol anyway…. umph I guess this is for all to see. i’m glad to let all others see how proud I am of you, you are my niece and how lucky I am to have you !!! even though I don’t see you. you are always in my thoughts. I still remember your dad saying ” LOOK AMY LIT HER CAMPFIRE WITH JUST ONE MATCH !!) and I said what did you expect? she’s a DEROUIN !!! lol much love to all of you.

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