Trip to Daegu

We went to Deagu with the other foreign teachers who live in our apartment building. We were the new kids on the block so they showed us around. We were trying to find an E-Mart in Daegu but we never made it that far. We just poked around looking at shops and stuff. Daegu is one of the larger cities in Korea. It has a subway and a lot of buses. I turned to Amy and said that I just noticed that there were a lot of Koreans in Korea. She looked at me as if I were crazy.

We also stopped at Kyobo bookstore. They really want everyone to become a member of their rewards program. They don’t require much, just a name and an email address. With you membership, you rake up points and get 10% off of each purchase. I guess that is a small price to pay to get 10% off on your purchases.

Down one of the may busy and clogged pedestrian streets, I spotted this palace of Hello Kitty. Two floors jammed packed with Hello Kitty stuff!! Enjoy the picture Jess.

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