Foods that never should have been


Sometimes in Korea, we find the strangest food combinations (Koreans probably think that about some Western Foods). It seems like restaurants take a random selection of “Western” ingredients and put them together to form a new food item. Take Pizza Hut’s new pizza – The Coconut Shrimp Pizza. I can tell that your mouths are already starting to water; maybe you can get your local restaurant to make you one. Take coconut and shrimp and drizzle it with a “balsamic” sauce. Now bake it on a pizza crust. You have magic just waiting to make it to your stomach!


That brings us to the second food! We all know what a gyro is, right? Wrong! In Korea, it can be a tortilla wrapped around a hot dog with salsa! Again, three “Western” foods, one great taste.So as long as your food has a “Western” sounding name, you can match any foods together to come up with the next taste sensation. Feel the freedom to mix and match food. Go on and get creative in your kitchens!

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