Random Pictures from Korea

Here are some random pictures that have been sitting in my phone for the last couple of months. Koreans like to brag about how high tech the country is – from broadband internet to cell phones. The model cell phone we have has a built in TV, camera, and bluetooth. We picked the model we did because of the bluetooth. We thought it would make it easy to get pictures and what not off the phone or add music to it. Well it turns out that the phones bluetooth functionality is a big pain to use. To take information off the phone, say a picture, you have to use the phone’s slow navigation to select the photo and send it. Did I mention you can only do this one picture at a time. And it starts you at the latest photo you have taken so you have to page up through many slow pages in the menu to get to the next photo you want to save! There isn’t a way to browse the phone from a computer and select many items at once to download. So I try to stay away from it as much as possible. And you cannot add any content to the phone, such as songs, so the multimedia functions of the phone are nonfunctional.

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