Day Trip in Abu Dhabi

After talking with a family about things to do in Abu Dhabi we decided to take the bus to Downtown Abu Dhabi. Come to find out the bus ride is about 2 hours long and very crowded. Now we know why everyone takes a taxi. The bus ride was great because we were able to see more of the sites and were able to take our time deciding where we wanted to get off. 


We decided that we wanted to try and find a Thai restaurant that we found in our guide book. The restaurant came with high praise and the food sounded great. When we got to our destination, we found the area all torn up due to construction. Being the optimistic people we are we thought that there must be a way to get to this restaurant. After 3 times around a very large block we decided that the restaurant no longer existed. 


After much searching on the web we found that the restaurant did still exist but had been moved to (can you guess?) a 5 star hotel. So on another day we took a taxi to the Royal Orchid Restaurant. It turned out be very tasty and when we were done we went for a nice walk on the beach (sorry no pictures of the beach). 



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