Happy Halloween 2013!

Greetings! Here are pictures of the world’s most expensive pumpkin. We thought it would be fun this year to carve a pumpkin with Felix. So we bought a pumpkin at a local supermarket. I glanced at the bill as we exited the store, and the pumpkin came to 84 AED (more than $20) for a six pound pumpkin! It was priced per kg on the sign next to the pumpkin bin. Oh well…

To carve the pumpkin, we used three different cutting instruments: a sharpish knife, a serrated butter knife, and a sporfe (spoon/fork/knife). The sporfe was best at cutting out large shapes, such as the lid. The sharpish knife was best at starting cuts and cutting out small shapes. The butter knife was next to useless. In the end, a face emerged from the pumpkin and made a toothy grin. We put it on a shelf in the kitchen to keep the cats away from it. After about a week, we noticed the pumpkin was molding so we had to throw it out without even cooking it.

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