Thanksgiving 2013 – Pictures of Food

This Thanksgiving we thought we would skip the poultry and move on to another American Institution: Meatloaf! We had meatloaf with all the trimmings: cranberry sauce from a can, wild rice, olives, bell pepper, broccoli, and German potato salad.

Here are some pictures of waiting for everything to cook along with the teenaged girl pictures of food on plates. (If I take a picture of it, it will have fewer calories, for sure!!)

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2013 – Pictures of Food

  1. love the photos and comments. also liked Halloween pics especially that last one where amy looks possessed. lol hope all is well love and hugs. aunt geni

  2. The food looks yummy. For Thanksgiving we also had broccoli and cranberry sauce from a can but no Bacon! 😦 I like your kitchen, especially your stove and the special places for Ori and Hunje.

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